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​​​Place our torches anywhere outside: garden, pool area, porch, entrance and walkway.
you will create a welcoming and beautiful ambiance.

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We're at the forefront of torch technology. Now with the patent No-Touch refilling system, you can refill your Aristo torch with no 'dirty-hands' experience. 

Only available in certain models.

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 Torches that  work              for you

                              Quality you can trust

The Aristo Experience: 
"Since the dawn of time, people have been drawn to the open flame - and despite all today's modern technology, nothing can create an intimate and welcoming atmosphere like the glow of a living flame"



Aristo Home & Garden 

Ensuring you get top quality products.

​At Aristo we are dedicated to providing  beautiful designed  torches  using the finest materials and craftsmanship.

 In addition functionality  is another of our important goals.

We only use long lasting fiber glass wicks. 

 All Aristo torches come with a snuffer.

Any model of our torches, will fit our special-made base which provides room for the Aristo torch to slightly sway during windy weather, thereby avoiding tip-overs. 

All poles come with a pointed end, but we also provide special ground spikes. See under accesories.

​​We have been in the torch business since 1999 in the USA. We provide high quality and beautiful designed torches in the medium to high end market.

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